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Say you are a healthcare provider and you need to communicate with your Spanish speaking patient, well, there is an App for that. The Emergency Medical Spanish Guide is a tool designed for non-Spanish speaking health care professionals to quickly ascertain vital medical information from their Spanish speaking patients. The questions are phrased in a YES/ NO or optional Answer Format with Audio Capability. The guide will assist in preventing miscommunication, ultimately improving patient care. Currently, Mavro Inc. has 1,000,000 users utilizing the power of the EMSG -Get yours today. We will continue to be the leaders in simple structured questions and Medical Spanish for Smartphones by constantly providing updates with the latest technological advancements. 

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By popular demand, select a specific question or phrase of interest that you will use frequently in your own practice and add them to your personalized section. For example, a healthcare provider may utilize frequent questions found in treatment questions, machine treatment, physical movements, and post-surgery. Rather than going back and forth between sections, the healthcare provider may build his/her own personalized section that would be utilized most often.


Flash Cards (NEW!)

If you are wanting to practice your Medical Spanish, in YES/NO Answer format, now you can. The Flashcard feature allows you to learn by question and topic. Simply select the topic, and begin learning. To check yourself, you can 'flip' the Flashcard to reveal the Spanish, or you can play the audio clip before 'flipping' the Flashcard. Go ahead, try it for yourself, the App is free. 


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YES/NO Answer Format

Imagine being able to effectively communicate with and treat Spanish-speaking patients, just by knowing the word Yes. The YES/NO Answer Format will facilitate quick, effective communication and prevent miscommunication, ultimately improving patient care.



High Quality Audio

Our Audio Capability is clear and deliberately pronounces Spanish, which allows the Healthcare provider to repeat the question or phrase to the patient, or simply be audible enough for the patient to hear them directly. Audio capability is found on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, and more... Using high-quality audio translations of simple Yes or No medical related questions and statements , the Emergency Medical Spanish Guide allows healthcare professionals to effectively communicate with their Spanish speaking patients in their own language saving time, resources, and improving care.



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