Who Are We?

Mavro Inc. the corporation has been based in FRISCO- TEXAS since the startup in 2007. The Company focuses on bridging the communication barrier between Spanish speaking people and professionals in healthcare and law enforcement. The Company has created and implemented many platforms containing an audio feature. Mavro Inc. was the first company to create Medical Spanish for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, & Blackberry. We are inspired to continue being the first in the industry to set standards on multiple platforms and devices.

Best Features Available

Dedicated to setting and improving current standards and features is Mavro Inc.'s main focus. With over 500,000 users in the App Market, the feedback has been incredible. Their users are enjoying the use of (1)YES/NO ANSWER FORMAT (2)AUDIO CAPABILITY, (3)BOOKMARKING, and (4)FLASHCARDS - our latest feature for those wanting to learn. No matter the situation, our suite of applications will help faciliate communication between Spanish speaking subjects/patients and healthcare/law enforcement professionals.

Mission Objective

We believe in challenging the status quo with everything we do. Our development and thinking is different to other companies. The way we do this is by making our products: Beautifully Designed, Simple to Use, and (most importantly) Effective.